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Frequently Asked Questions


What does CrackDAT do?
"Crack the DAT" is a powerful software tool that prepares you for the Dental Admission Test. Improve your chances of passing the grueling DAT exam on the first try with our well-proven and successful course. You will find out exactly what you need to know and how to prepare yourself. To boost your scores for the Dental Admission Test, we equip you with the largest arsenal of "real-life" DAT Mock Exams to put your knowledge to the test and the means to simulate the Dental Admission Test by mirroring what you can expect on test day. You will become familiar with the makeup and format and learning through video tutorials and exploring the rationales behind each answer through dynamic explanations. The end-result is that you will be ready for the big day and hit a home run!
How can I give CrackDAT as a gift/present?
You're a great parent! We have many parents who secure "Crack the DAT" for their son or daughter. Often we have boyfriends/girlfriends/fiancés getting the packages for their loved ones. First, place your order on our website using your information. Then email us from below so we can modify it to the recipient of the gift. You can also request us to deliver the great news to them that they have a gift waiting for them or you can do the honors... they'll love you either way!
How many times will I be able to take each test?
No limit. You can take the tests as many times as you wish.
Will CrackDAT estimate my score?
Yes, Crack the DAT will estimate and predict what you will score on your actual DAT. Over the course of taking the CrackDAT practice exams, you will see a significant improvement in your scores and performance giving you the assurance and confidence you need for test day.
Does CrackDAT have a score guarantee?
Yes we do! As a testament to showing you how much we care for your success on the Dental Admission Test, we provide all of our Bundle Users with a score money back guarantee! If you score below a 14 on your real DAT, we’ll credit you back. You will need to demonstrate that you’ve used "Crack the DAT" for more than one month and have taken all practice tests in your package. We can offer this guarantee because of our wonderful track record and the fact that pre-dentals have trusted and relied on us for over 15 years. We are confident that our ground-breaking preparation tools, programs and our amazing "Crack the DAT" service will help you gain the ultimate edge that you deserve on the Dental Admission Test!
What is the policy for refunds?
You can sign up for a free CrackDAT account and preview everything we offer to help you gain a leverage. We also provide mobile companion apps for your iPhone/iPad or Android as well. We firmly believe in and stand behind our product 100% and are available to answer pre-sales and support related items within 24 hours. Due to the nature and delivery of electronic goods, all sales are final.
Is my personal information safe?
We will NEVER sell or distribute personally identifiable information from any email messages or accounts to third parties. That's our commitment all the way to the grave!
Do I need an internet connection to use the program?
Yes, you need an internet connection to access your DAT material. You can access it anytime anywhere from your PC/MAC/iPhone/iPad/Android.
I want to apply to your CrackDAT Pre-Dental Scholarship
We are proud to give back to predentals to help them attend dental school. To apply to the annual CrackDAT Pre-Dental Scholarship before September 30 of each year, please visit Crack the DAT Pre-Dental Scholarship for Dentistry


How do I sign up?
CrackDAT is delivered to you electronically instantly and immediately as soon as you place your order directly on our website.

If you just want to sign up for Perceptual Ability (PAT) or Reading Comprehension (RC) preparation course only, please contact us directly by messaging us!
How quickly will I receive my order?
CrackDAT is delivered to you electronically instantly and immediately as soon as you place your order directly on our website. You can login to your Crack the DAT web account from any of your devices by going to
Can I only get the Perceptual [PAT] or Reading Comprehension Preparation Course?
Yes! Here are the links to sign up for each:
Sign up for Crack DAT PAT (for Perceptual Ability). You'll then be able to login from your PC/MAC. You'll also receive access to the Crack DAT PAT companion sidekick mobile app for your iPhone/iPad and Android to help you score higher on the Perceptual Ability section of the Dental Admission Test.

Sign up for Crack DAT READING (for Reading Comprehension). You'll then be able to login from your PC/MAC. You'll also receive access to the Crack DAT READING companion sidekick mobile app for your iPhone/iPad and Android to help you score higher on your Reading Comprehension section of the Dental Admission Test.
Any deals if my pre-dental society wants to sign up?
Yes, we provide bulk discounts to group orders consisting of more than 10 people. Please have your representative from your pre-dental society reach out to us via email to set one up for your university.


How can I access my DAT Account?
All orders past 2019 can be accessed here from your PC/MAC/iPhone/iPad.
You can also access your account from the all-new Crack the DAT sidekick companion mobile app for your iPhone/iPad and Android. Also, if you have a MAC, we have a new version of the Crack the DAT Desktop MAC app that you can conveniently use.

If you cannot login, reset your password. If the system doesn't remember your email address or user name, then you may have a legacy outdated software (2005-2018) that we are no longer servicing and you would need to upgrade to the new web-based and mobile platform.
Will I be able to pause a test?
Yes, click on the timer at the top right in the test to pause the test.
Will I be able to abort a test and resume it later?
The objective and purpose of CrackDAT is to help you simulate the DAT exam under realistic conditions. Because on exam day you will not have the option to pause and pick up where you left off, we do not provide this capability. To reap the benefits of rehearsing the DAT experience, we recommend that you allot the default time to take the test. At any time during the test, you can click on the “REVIEW” button and click on “END” if you want to submit your answers for your review and view your answers.
How do I watch the video explanations to the test questions?
There are video explanations for every question in the PAT, Math and Science sections. After you take an exam, you will be able to view them.
How are my exam scores tabulated?
The grading rubric for the Perceptual Ability Test, Natural Sciences, Reading Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning sections are based on the scale that is provided on the American Dental Association page. Our software will enable you to compare how you performed on each test relative to other students across the world.
What is the correlation of my practice scores vs real test?
We do NOT collect any of your practice examination scores on CrackDAT. Furthermore, many students do not report to us their final DAT scores but a great website to look at is Therefore, we cannot make any direct correlations. What we can say is that over the past two decades, the students that have prepared for the DAT after incorporating CrackDAT into their preparation regimen have achieved stellar scores. They often report back to us with great testimonials praising us for CrackDAT after they have taken the Dental Admission Test. Historically, CrackDAT has been one of the best predictors of your actual Dental Admission Test. Generally, based on past records, you can predict to get within +/- 1 of your “Crack DAT PAT” Score and 1-2 points higher on your “Crack DAT READING” and “Crack DAT SCIENCE”. Our questions tend to fall more on the rigorous side and students have tended to score equivalent or one or two points higher on the actual exam, but this can vary depending on numerous factors. Our mantra at "Crack the DAT" is even if we can get 1 or 2 more questions correct on any given section, you're a winner. The extra effort is often what separates you from dropping you down one score level or moving you up into the next score level. For example, between a 19 and 20. If two applicants have the same qualifications on paper but one has a 19 and the other has a 20, the admission committee is more likely to choose the student with the 20.
How can I save studying time by speeding up videos?
If you use Chrome, get this cool extension which will enable you to speed up or slow down videos. This will save you studying time!

Still have questions?

Email or call us, we'll get back to you in 24 hours.