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Master the DAT Exam with Our Comprehensive Study Materials

Score Higher on the Dental Admission Test with our Video Crash Courses, Flashcards, Study Guides and DAT Test Simulator with access to the largest test questions/explanations database. CrackDAT is the most trusted partner for DAT Exam Preparation used by predentals since 2005.

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Conquer the DAT Exam with our Video Crash Course Series, Flashcards, Study Guides & Cheat Sheets

We cover commonly asked topics, concepts and questions tested on the DAT Exam by condensing them into 100+ Hours of Video Crash Courses and 20,000+ DAT Flashcards. Our DAT material is designed to help you save study time and score higher on the DAT Exam so you can get accepted into dental school.

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Simulate the DAT Exam with over 4500 Newly Released DAT Questions with Explanations & PAT Generators

Master every DAT subject (including the Perceptual Ability) with the largest arsenal of DAT tests available. Sharpens your test taking skills and improves your time management, confidence and accuracy with detailed analysis reports and performance tracking. Score higher on your Dental Admission Test.


DAT Exam Prep Updated for 2024-2025

Let our DAT experts teach you how to efficiently approach each section of the exam. Learn from a variety of video explanations to uncover DAT study tips, tricks and strategies. CrackDAT features real DAT questions, carefully selected by people who aced the DAT Exam. All new versions are automatically updated to your account so you always have the latest version.

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Unlimited Access on All Devices

We provide up to 6 months unlimited access on all your devices, on your Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad and Android devices. No downloads or installation, CrackDAT works through your internet browser. Unlike others, you receive twice as long membership access at half the cost!

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Same Look and Feel of the DAT Exam with our Simulator

Use the most realistic interface to take full-length and section-length tests, plus quizzes on any DAT subject. Our practice tests will help you feel calm and confident when the test day comes. Also, our system predicts and estimates your DAT scores and identifies your weaknesses.


DAT Score Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we offer a DAT Score Guarantee. If you score lower than a 14 on the real DAT, you get your money back. CrackDAT has been used by thousands of predental students since 2005.

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