What is my licensing policy?

This is relevant to those who have obtained our software platform at https://crackdat.com/purchase

All orders come with 6 months of warranty and support. After six months from time of order, the customer will have to purchase an extended warranty warranty plan should they wish to receive continued support and assistance from our team. Also, the software will not work if you change your computer or wipe your computer. If you do any of these, you will lose permanent access. We cannot recover it for you. This is spelled out in the End-User License Agreement that you agreed to before installing the software which states:

“Licensee understand that software may not work and another license key may need to be repurchased if there is any alteration of the Software and/or user-intervention in modification of computer hardware which may cause the disk drive serial number to be altered and not match the original serial number that was stored on the licensor’s licensing server. Licensor is not responsible nor liable for any alteration of the software and/or user-intervention in modification of computer hardware that prevents full operation of software.”

As such, should you wipe, reformat, restore your hard drive; or get a new computer; the software will be unusable and the warranty is void. We aren’t able to provide recovery if you’ve voided the warranty. Your only option is to obtain a new license by upgrading at https://app.crackdat.com/purchase

Once you obtain membership, the system will onboard you to our new platform which enables you to access your software from any of your devices including mobile; and you’ll receive access to our latest version which equips you with more tools and resources to help you score high on your DAT Exam.