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Excellent costumer service. The product is as described. Truly one of the best study material out there. I have been focusing on the PAT portion of the DAT and I find the product to be an excellent source for getting use to the type of questions that can appear on the DAT. Once you have done the test you can review each question individually, where a you are able to view the question diagrams in 3D and able to rotate and analyze the shapes to better understand why you have made a mistake. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to prepare for the DAT's. It was recommended to me by few of my friends and they were right it is the best product out there.

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I was kind of leery about spending money on a product that I didn't know about, but this software is the BEST resource for the DAT. It has improved my PAT scores substantially. Instead of just getting the answers to questions, the software explains the PAT test in detail so that you're able to grasp how to answer the questions. Plus, it's all electronic so you can purchase Crack the DAT and start improving your scores instantly!

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